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We live in an
Engagement Crisis.

The way we grab and keep people's attention, is fundamentally changing.

87% uses multiple screens while watching television.
20% checks their smartphones every 10 minutes.
85% of employees feel disengaged at work.
75% of customers don't feel engaged by a brand or product.

Engage your audience
With Gamification

 Gamification takes the best techniques, principles, and elements from game design and behavioral science to increase engagement, participation, and motivation.

Benefit from the power of gamification

With at least 30% increase in engagement,
gamification brings you more loyal customers and motivated employees.

Everyone Ambassador
Endless Motivation
Superior Performance

Become a Hero in Engagement

Build brands, products, and organizations that are truly engaging.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

We flesh out an engagement strategy to keep your employees motivated and engaged. Shape workplaces where talents wants to work and develop a high-performing environment. 

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Attract, engage, and retain your customers with a gamified marketing campaign or with an gamified engagement strategy build around your product or service.

Behavior Design

Motivation & Behavior Design

Solve complex challenges using strategies, techniques and elements from games and behavioral science. We analyse, strategize, design, and build customized gamified solutions.

Engaging Heroes Gamification Framework

Why they call us
Engaging Heroes

80% of gamified implementations failed to meet their business objectives due to poor design and a lack of expertise.

We investigated empirical evidence from 10+ domains and 85+ top books and combined them into multiple hands-on frameworks to assist true leaders in becoming a hero in customer & employee engagement. 

People don't follow organizations, they follow heroes.

Develop immersive and gamified experiences around your brand, product, or organization and your audience will follow you.

Follow our Heroes in practice

Boost your marketing efforts with the most effective marketing instrument.

We recently partnered with gaming companies to deliver Branded Games to our clients. Branded Games are the perfect option to increase the engagement level between your audience and your brand. Recent case studies have showed impressive results compared to video marketing methods. With 180% more engaging, 220% more click-through rates to your website or social media, and 700% more chance your audience will use the vouchers they win, Branded Games are now the most effective marketing instrument.

Case: "How to decrease your safety accidents with gamification"

For one of our clients, a Belgian construction company, we worked out a plan to motivate their employees to comply with the safety regulations. Multiple options were proposed and one of the concepts was the development of a safety community combined with a safety loyalty program. The community's epic mission is to safe as many lives as possible by acting safely or contributing to a safer environment with ideas for improvement. Also, the workers are able to win rewards, increase in level, and show off their status by stickers and ranks on their helmet and clothes.

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The Call & Contact Centre Expo is the industry’s leading exhibition, showcasing the latest and most effective technologies, strategies and advancements to over 5,000 call and contact centre professionals, who are looking to create the ultimate customer experience, that their competitors simply can’t beat!

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