Solve complex behavioral and motivational challenges

Use gamification and other techniques to trigger desired behavior.

Behavior can be shaped.
So does your request.

Gamification techniques are great at tackling our core drivers and directs behavior in the way you want it to be. Every organization has behavioral challenges whether it is to stimulate cooperation, report potential dangers, drive slower, or even to encourage taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Engaging Heroes Gamification Framework

We are experts in human behavior

We investigated empirical evidence from 10+ domains and 85+ top books about what drives people to act and keep on acting.

We've designed hands-on frameworks to assist true leaders in designing desired behavior.

How we design the desired behavior

Behavioral Audit

We analyze and gather data about the current situation and behavior. We take interviews with the right people and immediately detect how we could solve the behavioral challenge. 


After a brief analysis, we use our frameworks to flesh out a proper strategy linking the correct elements and techniques with the desired behaviors you want to achieve.

Behavior Design

Once the strategy and behavioral problem is outlined, we design and architect the process that is needed to accomplish the behavioral objective. Early prototypes and testing helps us to create the impact we want. 

Solution Development

Working together with qualified partners, we develop the solution whether it is a productgame, platform, or application. We use the latest technologies to create an experience that with the desired result.

Do you have a challenge and don't know how to solve it? Try us! 

Send us a message with your challenges and we help you out. 

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