Attract, engage, and keep talent

Become a hero in employee engagement and build an employer brand where talent wants to work. 

 Become better in recruitment, onboarding, education, and management

We are creative gamification consultants trained to make you the coolest employer brand in your industry.

Attracting customers

Attract new talent

Be seen as the coolest company in your industry with an interactive gamified recruitement campaign or shape workplaces & environments where talent wants to work using gamification elements. Let talent come to you instead of you running after them. 

Recruiting Talent

Employee Onboarding

Great companies know that shaping in-house ambassadors starts from the beginning. Use our 26 onboarding principles to deliver a magical onboarding experience. Introduce your company and colleagues in a fun and interactive way.

Product and service experience

Team Development

Teach your colleagues new stuff 4 times faster and 30% better just by making education and skill development fun and engaging with gamification and game-based learning.

Employee Onboarding

Management Systems

50% feel uncommitted to their job performing under their potential. Use gamification to design great performance and knowledge management systems leaving you with happy, motivated employees ready to perfom and contribute to your succes.

Yes, I believe gamification is something for my business!

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Engaging Heroes Gamification Framework

We help companies in effectively implementing gamification

80% of gamified implementations failed to meet their business objectives due to poor design and a lack of expertise.

We investigated empirical evidence from 10+ domains and 85+ top books and combined them into multiple tested frameworks to assist true leaders in becoming a hero in employee engagement. 

How we shape a gamified experience around your brand's DNA

Gamification Audit

We analyze and gather data about your current experience and engagement level. We take interviews with your team, stakeholders, and customers, test your application or platform, or visit your store using mystery shoppers

Gamification Strategy

After a brief analysis, we use our frameworks to flesh out a great gamification strategy that suits your business. We link the correct elements and techniques with the desired behaviors you want to achieve.

Gamification Design

Once the strategy and concept is outlined, we design and architect for long-term engagement or for sustainable habits. By creating early prototypes, we can easily test and adjust the design to make sure it creates the impact we want.

Gamification Development

Working together with qualified partners, we develop the gamified solution whether it is a game, platform, or application. We only use modern software technologies to create an experience that will surprise and delight your customers.

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