Gamification derives powerful insights from games understanding how to keep us engaged.  

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Gamification is a new and indispensable trend that uses techniques, principles, and elements from game design & behavioral science to create better products, services and companies.

It’s a tool to trigger desired behavior, increase motivation, and shape wonderful experiences that engage your users in the entire process.

Gamification is the study about ‘what makes a good game’ and using these insights about human behavior and user engagement in other fields to create better experiences. It’s a mindset that requires a deep understanding of game design, psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics.

By the year 2020, experience will overtake price and product as key brand differentiator. It’s predicted that 89% of businesses will compete with rival companies based directly on the experience and engagement level. This means all businesses will need tot start adapting their support and experience strategies in order to keep their customers and employees engaged, informed and loyal to their brand. 

No. Gamification uses principles and elements that are used in games within a non-game context to make services, products, and workplaces more engaging and effective. For example, Duolingo is not a game – it is a learning app designed to be fun and motivating. Zombies run is not a game – it is a running app that helps you to exercise more often.

However, in some cases, a game can have a massive, positive impact on your business. For example, Playitsafe trains personnel in safety & prevention 4 times faster and 30% better through game-based learning. 

Yes. First of all, gamification focuses on creating engaging and effective solutions. It’s about designing meaningful human interactions which is applicable to every business context where human interactions are involved.

Secondly, game design techniques are great at tackling our core drivers and directs behavior in the way you want it to be. Every organization is confronted with behavioral challenges whether it is to stimulate cooperation, drive performance, or even to encourage taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

No. Gamification is an approach that can be used in any context, digital and offline. It is independent from any forms or platforms. You can apply game design techniques in creating an offline campaign, in your offline brochures, or loyalty programs...

Remember, gamification is all about shaping wonderful experiences which applies to both, your online and offline campaigns.

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Attract, engage, and retain customers and employees in a way no other company has ever done before. 

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